Nexus 4 with CM 10.1 final

That's right, with all the choices out there I'm happy with my Nexus 4 -- although I have rooted it and am running CyanogenMod 10.1 (final) with the latest Nightly Build of Franco.Kernel.

The phone is plenty fast, has a decent battery, rocks my T-Mobile HSPA+, and has wireless charging built-in. I can't tell you how convenient that is! Love it!


  • Ooh. What kind of fun UI tricks does that CM build allow for? You got some pie-slice action going on?
  • Favorite features:
    1. Themes
    2. Profiles
    3. Superuser baked in
    4. Quiet times
  • I just re-flashed CM10.1 last night after using pAul O'briens Modaco Custom ROM for a while, it seems stupid as the other ROM was fine, but i felt like i was missing out without CyanogenMod, so im back here and dont regret it at all, Koush's Superuser app is so much better than SuperSU, i personally dont use themes, but quiet hours is a lifesaver for me
  • I have no idea why Quiet Hours isn't a standard feature in Android... SO nice!

    And themes can be subtle, or over the top... I dig the subtle ones.
  • Quiet hours have saved my phone being thrown out of the windows my family members multiple times, and yeah, i used to dig themes abck in the CM7 days, but after android got pretty, i didnt feel it needed it
  • My current Neus 4 is running a green colored theme... My wife liked her Galaxy Nexus pink, my daughter's GNex is themed purple, and my son's GNex is themed orange.

    It helps us tell them apart. :)
  • i'd be running a Balck and green ROM, a la Razer's Blade laptop, black and green is just badass
  • Joe have you tried LTE on T-Mobile yet? It's incredible. I didn't even know it was live. Just search Nexus 4 LTE aio. Someone on xda made a zip to do all the work necessary to enable Lte. Make sure your APN is fast t-tmobile...... after you flash. Then change the radio to LTE/wcdma and boom.
  • I haven't tried T-Mobile LTE yet... but with their HSPA+, changing your APN to Fast.T-Mobile ... helps a LOT! :)

    I'll look into the LTE AIO...
  • Holy snot! Yeah, you'll see this on video soon... Thanks @Amit!
  • Your welcome. Previously you needed to flash .33 or .27 radio. Then fix Tmobile audio because older radios on 4.2 breaks the ability to hear on phone app (lol), flash/edit files to enable LTE radio support, and finally change the APN settings. Now all that is done with a single ZIP file thanks to Bpear on xda. 
    When I realized Nexus 4 supported Band 4 months ago, I was jumping in joy because I knew Tmobile would launch LTE on that band. And finally its here and its sooooo much better than HSPA. I used to have full five bars but it would take 10 seconds to initiate downloading the website in some place in new york. Now with just two bars of LTE in those weak spots, webpages load lightning fast. 
  • When I had my Galaxy Nexus I was on Simple Mobile's so-called "4G Plan" and it couldn't get any more terrible. The internet speed could be a hit or a miss. In other words, it was quite unstable. Not to mention its TERRIBLE signal. Since it's a T-Mobile MNVO I wonder if it's an issue with T-Mobile itself or..
  • Up until now, I had CM-10.1.2 release on my N4 but now I am giving a go on SlimRom-7.2. It has all the features of CM 10.1 and a bit extra. Although I love the simplicity and dedication of CM towards the firmware and I already miss it.

    I really wanted to try privacy guard and new profile triggers but CM-10.1.2 release does not have them. Slim has incorporated them in their weeklies and running pretty stable for me. 

    Also, anyone wondering about Whatsapp being acting weird during Quiet hours?
  • @Amit Biswas, I'm getting the "I can't hear people on the phone, but they can hear me" unless I switch to speakerphone... using the AIO and .33 radio. Thoughts?
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