What do ya'll think of review scores?

Preparing an editorial that touches on this topic, and I'm interested in engaging the readers (that's you). What do you folks think about numeric scores on product reviews? Do you love them? Hate them? Ignore them? Are they a critical component of your review experience, as a reader, or not? How much do they affect whether you'll buy a product?

Please speak freely on this; very interested in your authentic views. 


  • i personally am a fan of them, i dont see where people dont like them, if its because its a subjective score, but most reviews also are, as unbiased as they are, its also THAT reviewers take,which will almost certainly differ from another.

    So yeah, im a fan, and vote to keep them :)
  • I like them to be there, but they are not a critical point for me to choose a device over other :) :)
  • Same as Hector. They are a nice way to see the review without seeing seeing the full review. I specially love the "scored for me" part, one of the best ideas imo
  • Keep weighing in, guys - trying to get a clear read on the community's feelings here. Thanks for those of you who've responded already!

    For the post that motivated this thread, see here.
  • I think they are very useful to get an idea of how a phone held up to another (for the same review) giving a better comparison for the devices on both their pros and cons.
  • They are useful, but I don't really pay attention to them really. I don't really think they are needed at all, because like we've found with the G2, they can easily be correct at the review time, but later they could easily be effected and need changing.

    Maybe a new system where instead of a score, the device is ranked as  Very Poor, Poor, Average, Good, Very Good and then a final rank for some of the best ever devices. 

    Anyway keep up the great vids :D
  • I don't like single review scores, because most of the time they reflect how a phone compares to the current top phones, instead of how it lives up to what it's meant to be. That's ok with flagships, but midrangers and low-end phones always get low scores, and that doesn't mean they're bad, it's just they're not made to compete with the top devices... I'd love if the review score was joined by a quality/price score that gave an idea of how much value are you getting for your money.

    But still, I prefer reading your conclusions for each review, they tell a lot more of what you guys feel about the phone.
  • Kinda off-topic, but looking at the comments on the 5S review, people kinda seem like they're taking advantage of this whole review score ordeal.

    On-topic: Review scores don't really matter to me. I judge phones by personal preference rather than by score. In that regard, I think the "Scored for you" system is helpful.

    As @fdavidcl mentioned, the scores would be a bit more balanced if they were also based on the price of the reviewed device.
  • @KRazpopov I agree it's so annoying they now thing they own Pocketnow or something.
  • I prefer Scored for Me much more than the general review score since everyone has different needs out of their phone. @fdavidcl has a good point with lower-end phones. 
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