Black Friday & Cyber Monday Horror & Success Stories

Hello Pocketnowians! We want to hear about your both your success as well as your horror stories!

Let us know what some of the best smartphone/tablet related specials you were able to cash in on, along with nightmares and horror stories, and purchases that you came to regret afterward.

No ridicule, no scorn, just a bunch of stories to live by, laugh at, and learn from... and GO!


  • There was a time where there is never Black Friday or Cyber Monday here :( sad panda
  • well, I know it's not related to the black friday or cyber monday, but I have a trip to Microsoft store just the other day to get the Dell Venue for 99$ and fail horribly 
  • A phoneshop near my house once sold an iPhone 3GS it had in stock for 1 pound, bought it immediately and made 70 pounds profit from selling it on eBay. :)
  • Awesome stories! Thanks guys!
  • Made a family account and got a gift card from doing questionnaire, I bought every game on sale as well as comics. I'm still trying to spend the rest of the gift card
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