What's in your bag Pocketnow forums?

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Hi all, 

I thought it would be pretty sweet to share what we all have in our bags.

I apologize for the horrid low light picture, but the DROID DNA (the only thing not pictured below) is not very good at them. 


I'm using a Samsonite VizAir backpack with: 

-Sony Nex 3 with basic 18-5mm lens (great for video!) 
-Those purple headphones came off my Roku 3 and sound surprisingly good! 
-I usually keep my keys in my backpack since my car uses passive locking/unlocking, 
-Acer W700 (i5 with 128GB SSD) 
-Apple Macbook Pro 15inch (i5, 2012) 
-Moga Pro bluetooth controller for tablet gaming. 
-Nexus 7 (2013) 
-Original iPad (for development) 
-Generic Wireless Microsoft mouse for Windows 8
-Tablet/phone stand
- SD card reader with class 10 8GB card 

Now it's your turn! 


  • Dont tell me this is your everyday backpack content.
  • In my case, depending on where I'm going, it's a 16GB Nexus 7, a 128GB Surface Pro, PS3 controller, my mouse and a Qi wireless charger. Or any combination of the above.
  • Arent 3 tablets and a macbook overkill?
  • Alright. This should be fun. :-D

    I just emptied my bag on my desk. Here goes:

    Lumia 1020 (not pictured – was taking the picture)
    Galaxy Note II N7100 with orange flip cover
    Verizon iPhone 5 with ZENS wireless charging case
    Nexus 4 with carbon fiber dbrand skin
    Sony NEX-5N with 30mm f/2.8 Sigma lens
    NEX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens
    64GB class 10 SD card
    Two spare NEX batteries
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50s
    Kobalt plier multi-tool
    Ultimate Ears Boom bluetooth speaker
    NVIDIA Shield
    Verizon 32GB iPad mini with (RED) flip cover
    16GB Nexus 7 (2013)
    myCharge Peak 6000
    Huawei 2,000mAh portable battery charger
    Powerbag 6,000mAh cell
    Samsung Mobile-branded Powerbag
    2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display
    Leap Motion controller
    Apple Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter
    Belkin 3-outlet swivel surger protector (I rarely leave the house without one of these)
    Zebra F-301 pen (favorite pens … ever)
    And a host of ties and various cords that I left in the bag

    … I think that's everything. ;-)
  • I like your choice of colors for cases...That Samsung mobile messenger bag reminds of the awesome SWAG I used to get working f or AT&T. 

    One thing I need to invest in is better headphones. Do you recommend those headphones, Taylor? I have always preferred over the ear headphones for day to day but need in ear for working out. 

    Oh, and I'm totally jealous of that Shield and the 1020. Would love to pick up the 1020 as a portable point and shoot. 

    To the other folks: 

    Yes, I carry all of that around. 
    Yes, I use all three tablets...I'm on the Pocketnow forums...would you expect any less? 
    That, and I do a lot of development, consumer operations, and mobile related work so I need those tablets for work. 
  • I need to start carrying my tech bag again, I've recently been stuck at a desk, so I haven't been on the road as much. 

    I house everything in a Ibex 17" Backpack
    Canon S100 w/ 8GB class 10 SDHC cards (4 total)
    Bamboo Duo Stylus
    Macbook Pro 2010 15"
    iPad 3 (Retna w/ 30-Pin)
    ZAGG SmartKeys
    Galaxy Nexus (Toro/LTE) (No Service)
    Amazon Kindle Keyboard
    A lot of Micro-USB cables (Monoprice)
    Koss Porta-Pro headphones
    Apple EarPods
    Bose IEMs
    3 - 1A usb wall-warts

    I rarely use all of this stuff in a day, but I always seem to forget at least one thing a day at home as a result of not carrying my backpack. 
  • Here it goes:

    Nexus 4 (16GB)

  • The bag I'm toting to the LG event is weighed down with about 30 pounds of stuff. Love the thread; will contribute when I get back to Boston. Be advised, though, that my techno-life is nowhere as colorful as Taylor's.
  • PocketManiack, I like your style brotha. 

    Michael - can't wait to see what goodies you're bring to the LG event. I'm assuming it's all the relevant devices to do some compare videos. I'm thinking someone needs to make a utility belt for us gadget wielders that will fit all of our devices. 
  • Just unpacked from the Moto X / LG G2 excursion, and I think the bagload I just unleashed on the bed represents a pretty accurate cross-section of the stuff I bring to mobile events. You're right, @MarcMaiden: we need a bandoleer.


    Sorry about the photo quality; had to use an HTC One to take the shot. Here's what we've got:

    • AT&T Developer Summit 2013 (CES swag) backpack: plenty of pockets and two compartments for tablets and laptops.
    • ... packed with every conceivable charger and cable.


    • 2012-edition MacBook Air (formerly Anton D. Nagy's) with 1.8GHz Core i7 and 4GB RAM


    • Sony NEX-F3 with (horrible) Dynex tripod

    Mobile Devices

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (AT&T)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
    • Nokia Lumia 1020 (AT&T) (DD)
    • Samsung Galaxy S 4
    • HTC One (Google Play Edition)
    • Moto X
    • HTC 8XT
    • Kyocera Hydro
    • Casio G'z'One Commando


    • 3000 mAh myCharge external charger
    • 3100 mAh Zagg external charger
    • Nokia Lumia 1020 camera grip accessory (w/1020 mAh battery)

    Technical Accessories

    • Blue Yeti microphone
    • 4GB USB stick
    • HTC earbuds
    • Pebble smartwatch
    • Techtrap smartphone restraint (small)

    Personal Accessories

    • Garnier Fructis hair spray
    • NASA ballcap (for when above wears off)
    • Altoids (for impressing fancy people with nice breath)
    • Gunnar Optiks (for avoiding Ferris Bueller Charlie Sheen face on video)
    • Sperry Billfish topsiders (perfect blend of looks & support)
    • Press pass (varies by event)
    • Trademark plaid "show shirt" (not pictured, for host segments)
    • Earth-shattering amounts of coffee (not pictured)

    All in all it's about 25 pounds when clothing for a 5-day stay is factored in.

    Hope ya'll enjoyed the tour! Off to get some sleep, where I'll hopefully dream of nothing contained in that bag.

  • Michael: that's a lot of phones. I imagine charging them is like a day job. I hope you keep a chart.
  • P.S. Don't get robbed
  • P.S. P.S. What's your address so I could...uh...make sure you don't get robbed? 

    That's a nifty collection, 

    how to you like the Yeti? Does it work well for all intensive purposes? I currently use an M-Audio Preamp/mixer and a Shure SM58 for podcasting and narrating but I have been thinking about going to a portable set up. 

    @Brandon Miniman let's see your bag! I assume it's full of diapers though they do make great protection for your mobile devices. 
  • @captain2phones

    Why do you carry the Galaxy Tab 3? From the review I wouldn't think you'd want to. Also what's up with carrying the Kyocera and Casio?
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    @JoeyScheid Sometimes you secretly want a phone to get lost/stolen.

    Seriously, though - ongoing torture test? Just carrying them everywhere to see when one gives out?

  • Ha! Brandon, I too was wondering about robbery risk while wandering Manhattan. Fortunately, my type-I phaser (not pictured) is always at the ready.

    @joeyscheid @stephenschenck I'm still toting the Tab for review purposes, and the Casio and Kyocera for some special features I have planned. The stay on Long Island between Moto and LG events dictated a slightly heavier gadget load than usual this time around.

    @MarcMaiden, the Yeti is perfect. It's heavy as hell so not the most portable thing, but the sound is delightfully warm and rich, and setup is simplicity itself. Wonderful, wonderful product.

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    @captain2phones A little off topic but why is the camera on the HTC One so bad? I had expected it to be much better than this...

    My carrying bag doesn't have anything tech related other than my charger, external battery pack and small accessories pouch (for earphones, thumbdrives etc.). I carry my Note II and Lumia 520 in my pockets all the time. That may soon change if I get the Nexus 7 (2013). :)

  • @isolatedabyss The One is a pretty noisy shooter in bad lighting - and the lighting in my room is atrocious under the best of conditions. The One was doing a lot of work here it wouldn't have needed to if I'd been in a properly lit room, but it was like midnight and I was dead-tired.
  • @Captain2Phones  If the camera on that thing is so noisy it must have been an epic scramble to get all those screens on at the same time AND take a reasonable photo =D
  • My bag is not nearly as impressive as those of my colleagues, but here goes -

    Lumia 920 - daily driver phone.
    HP Touchpad booted w/ webOS - reading/surfing/Sparkle machine
    2600mAh battery charger
    Micro USB Car Charger
    2A Micro UBS wall charger
    When I'm writing (beginning of the week) I add an AcerOne Netbook running Ubuntu 12.

    And that's all she wrote.

    Stop salivating. Really. It's undignified.
  • Just a quick observation but considering most people carry an external battery pack with them, should a removable battery be considered a plus on a phone when a spare battery is rarely in the bag?
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    First of all Michael you got it made bro, If I had all that I would be ready to die cos nothing could top that much tech awesomeness ever again. I keep it simple:


    Starting from left to right: Lada Niva, Zastava 750... lol just kidding, I do not carry around my model car collection :D
    As for the tech:
    Nokia standard in-ear earbuds
    Nokia Lumia 710
    Wallet (plain old phsycal one, no nfc)
    My VW keys
    House keys
    Remote for my gate
    Orbit the freshmaker
    My 8" Prestigio tablet
    USB OTG cable
    Micro USB cable
    Prehistoric 1GB usb drive, just in case
    2in1 capacitative stylus and a pen (yeah I know these suck :P )
    Foldable tablet stand.

    Compared to most of you guys Im poor but still happy.
    On a sidenote: I found out recently that my tablet can charge my Lumia 710 over the otg cable, so in case of an emergency I can put that 5000mAh battery to good use.

    Keep this thread going guys.
  • Here it is at this time:

    Anker 10,000 mAh battery.

    Lg Nexus 4

    Sony Ericsson k800i

    Nexus 7 (when released)

    And some backpack from Costco

  • Wow its amazing how much tech some of you guys carry around. For me its quite simple I have my 920, note 2 and earphones in my pockets and sometimes my Sony headphones in my bag (which I use to lug around folders and books for college)
  • @RadiiBenos yes, because how good the battery is, it will die eventually, and removeable battery allows people to swap them out if they want to. Or use higher capacity ones. Ask Anton for that
    I'm bit late to the party but here goes.
    HP dv6 3031sa entertainment notebook (I'm computer science student)
    galaxy note 2 international
    Charging cable for laptop and phone
    Galaxy tab 2 7.0 (got it for free from contract)
    Variouse textbook.
    Carrying all of them in a bag I bought from charity shop
    Not the most high-tech bag here...
  • @MarcMaiden I absolutely recommend the ATH-M50s. They're a steal for how nice they sound.

    And @Captain2Phones. Good to see you're using that CES swag. ;-)
  • While we're talking headphones, I've gotta throw in my vote for Grado SR-60s. Well, the SR-60i, now, since they don't make the SR-60 anymore, but I defy anyone to find better-sounding (not to mention better-looking) headphones for $80.

  • What I carry in my bag.

    Items I carry on a daily basis.

    Tie for work
    Sunglasses and sunglasses case
    flash light
    Foldable stand used for my Nexus 7
    Nexus 7 (2012)
    9000mHa external battery from mono price
    extra wall charger for phone and tablet.
    also normally carry a usb 3.0 usb drive, headphones I left in the bag, a stylus and a Nexus 4 I used to take the photo

    Bag shown is a Brenthaven messenger bag

  • Am I weird for not carrying a bag and just having my phone on my pocket a 3600mAh portable charger and 30$ headphones?
  • @Grman rodriguez No its not weird at all, if you don't have enough for a bag then even I don't see the need. Me as I don't drive and carry more things then my pockets can hold I use one, its different for everyone.
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